Transforming Challenging Moments in Psychotherapy

What you will learn

To transform challenging moments in psychotherapy into an empowering embodiment of therapeutic wisdom and compassion

#1 to heal your shadow parts activated during challenging moments using parts-based exercises

#2 to transform your shame into acceptance of self and client

#3 to transform your powerlessness into courage

#4 to transform your excessive caregiving part and guilt into empowerment of clients

Look inside

What you will get

Duration: 1hr 17min

approx. 23 minutes of video for streaming

approx. 54 minutes of audio for streaming

8 worksheets and practice diaries for clinicians

Fun animations portraying realistic situations in therapy

Exercises and meditations specifically designed for clinicians based on Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS), mindfulness and self-compassion

Graded Quizzes

Woman taking part in online course Self-Compassion in Clinical Practice

What you need

#1 Knowledge of self-compassion exercises
#2 Ready to meditate and work with your parts
#3 Internet
#4 Printer

Meet the Teacher

Christine Brähler (DClinPsy, PhD) is a clinical psychologist, psychotherapist, author and lecturer. She has been teaching compassion for self and others around the world since 2008. She is a key contributor to the first clinical adaptations – Compassion Focused Therapy - and to the non-clinical training program, Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC), and its teacher training.

She has pioneered research into compassion-based psychotherapy for complex mental health issues.

Through her books, online courses and transformative workshops she guides us to overcome obstacles to gentle and fierce self-compassion and to relate to each other from a place of genuine good will, wisdom, and empowerment to co-create and live our purpose. Her approach integrates evidence-based methods, compassion-based parts work with a deep respect for and intuitive understanding of our innate wisdom and shared humanity.

She is a multilingual global citizen with a German passport and a popular speaker and workshop leader.



This module does not contain self-compassion exercises for clients.
It contains exercises and meditations specifically designed for clinicians to help improve compassion for self and others.
Get free self-compassion exercises for the general population and download simple meditations for clients here.

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