Transforming the Loving Force of Healthy Anger into Clear Seeing and Wise Action

The goal of this course is to awaken your energy of fierce love to respect and protect yourself. You will learn to transform healthy anger into clear seeing and wise action. You will work with inner parts that disempower you, using methods derived from Internal Family Systems Therapy and specifically designed practices of mindfulness and self-compassion. To benefit from this course, you need to feel reasonably safe and stable and have skills for regulating distress.

Who is this course for?

·     Do you find it hard to set boundaries?

·     Do you struggle to stand up for yourself?

·     Do you dislike feeling angry or never feel anger?

·     Do you feel stable enough and have some basic self-compassion skills?

Then this innovative and original 20-Day Audio Course by and with Clinical Psychologist, and Senior Self-Compassion Teacher Trainer, Dr. Christine Brähler, might be for you.

Duration: 3h30min | Published: 26th Sept 2020 | © All Rights Reserved


Make sure that you:

  • Can feel into your body with your eyes closed without feeling uncomfortable
  • Can name your key emotions when they arise
  • Can stay focused on working with your emotions in your body for at least 15 minutes
  • You have coping strategies to manage difficult emotions without harming yourself
  • You can soothe and comfort yourself when feeling distressed

If you do not yet have these skills, then it might be wise to wait with taking this course until you do have them.

Listen in!

Course Fee

Duration: 3h30min | Published: 26th Sept 2020 | © Dr. Christine Brähler, All Rights Reserved

Two years of unlimited access to streaming of audio filefor non-commerical, personal use.